Forms of Liquid | Water Vessel

Duration: 2 Weeks | Fall 2020

Final Model

Design Brief: An aesthetic object that has implied usefulness because of how it collects, stores, moves, and dispenses a material.  Develop a vessel that interacts with an amount of water (up to 1.5 liters). The object should be “reusable”, and it should propose a simple and meaningful relationship to water. This object is not intended to be developed for market and production. It is an aesthetic vessel that gives form to liquid needs and behaviors in relation to the human form and its surroundings.

Initial approach: Along with the design brief, I was also randomly assigned the adjectives hard, light, and dynamic as descriptors for the vessel. Starting from these descriptors, I started brainstorming different concepts with the added considerations of volume collected, frequency of use, storage time length, and amount dispensed

Focused Exploration: During the initial brainstorming process, I decided to explore both extremes of the consideration spectrum: collecting a little, using frequently, storing liquid for a short time, and dispensing little (1), as well as the reverse (2).


To match the constraints of the first concept, which I moved forward with, I drew inspiration from an ancient Chinese water vessel. I wanted to capture the sense of sacredness that I got from drinking from my family's Chinese tea set as a child. I wanted to emphasize was the delicate motion of cupping then lifting the vessel.

The final form emerged after another round of prototyping and testing different combinations of the main bowl and supports. I created several iterations of both and refined the iterations I felt were most promising before choosing the form I felt best fit the original adjectives.